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 Gaussian is an international hi-tech company focusing on A.I. solution and manufacturing of robotic cleaning equipment which we designed and developed completely since 2014 and the latest product as you have seen it's already the 6th generation. With HQ based in Shanghai,the significant strong R&D strength across programming to engineering and the short cycle of developing and upgrading make us become 1 year ahead of the industry average level.Currently,and we just launched the new mini autonomous floor scrubber: Srcub 50 to extend the application scenarios. 

ECOBOT has a very successfully experience in Asian-Pacific region as well as Middle-East, North America and some countries in Europe,and now is becoming the leading brand in this industry, so far over hundred users are using our robot to deliver unmanned cleaning service in their airport, shopping mall,office building,subway station,manufacturing plant etc,and many international client and professional cleaning contractor such as Changi Airport Group(in Singapore), Westfiled group(in Australia), Swire(in Hong Kong), SAIC-Volkswagen(in China), INTEL(in China), LOTTE(in Korea), Sheraton Hotel(in Qatar), BOSCH(in Singapore), United Service(in Canada) are choosing ECOBOT, many famous clients have strong interest in our product especially some of them are MNC across the continents.

1. Founded in 2013, is an international Hi-tech company focusing on AI solution and manufacturing of robotic cleaning equipments which we designed and developed completely since 2014.  
2. The No.1 of autonomous navigation solution provider for service mobile robots. And the No.1 manufacturer of autonomous cleaning robots. 
3. Has factory/Headquarter in Shanghai, and sales center in Singapore.  Currently have signed exclusive distributor in Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Qatar and Malaysia.  And have signed distributors in many other Countries. 
4. Robots have CE certification
5. Currently have about 200 employees, among them, about 150 are technicians and engineers (very focus and heavy investment on technology.)  The  CEO Mr. Chen Haotian is graduated from University of Cambridge, UK, and the whole team is highly educated. 
6. Gaussian Robotics is also very famous on its autonomous navigation solution system.  Many robots companies use our navigation system, including iFLYTEK, Kovos, UBTECH, Dahua Tech and so on, we have taken about 60% of the domestic market share.  
7. Our scrubber robot cleaner can be used in Underground parking, Shopping center, Malls, supermarkets, hospitals, Airports, Stations, schools, Campus and etc.  [Detailed description]